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Dan and Lorraine S., Sparks,

NV My husband was actually scheduled for gall bladder surgery four years ago. Having had numerous surgeries for a variety of illnesses, he was reluctant to go through yet another. I talked him into doing it my way and visiting Dr. Harish. I have long been a believer in Ayurveda and holistic approaches to health. Dr. Harish put Dan on his regimen and saved his gall bladder. In the process, he also eliminated Dan's persistent heart burn (he had been taking prescription anti acid medication for years), lowered his blood pressure and greatly improved his intestinal distress. Dan no longer takes any kind of prescription for acid reflux, still has his gall bladder and is in better health overall.

Thank you Dr. Harish.

Dan and Lorraine S., NV


Ayurvedic Herbal Systems offers some of the best formulations available. These herbal formulations may help:

◊ Regulate blood pressure and
cholesterol levels.

◊ Calm nerves while preserving
mental clarity.

◊ Relieve symptoms of heartburn
and acid reflux.

◊ Reduce the pain of arthritis and

◊ Eliminate migraine headaches.

◊ Relieve symptoms of menopause.

◊ Promote healing and maintain


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