Dr. Harish is accepting clients for individual and group consultations at his office in Reno Nevada.To schedule an appointment call:

Contact Information:
Mail: Ayurvedic Herbal Systems, Inc.
PO Box 1108
Sparks, NV 89432

Phone: Call 1-775-337-2987
M-F 10 AM - 5PM
Sat. Noon-2pm

Consultation Fees:
$20 for 10 minute office consultation
$150 for total evaluation through pulse reading (No time Limit)
Phone consultations are $40 every 20 minutes

Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday,
except Holidays.



Ayurvedic Herbal Systems offers some of the best formulations available. These herbal formulations may help:

◊ Regulate blood pressure and
cholesterol levels.

◊ Calm nerves while preserving
mental clarity.

◊ Relieve symptoms of heartburn
and acid reflux.

◊ Reduce the pain of arthritis and

◊ Eliminate migraine headaches.

◊ Relieve symptoms of menopause.

◊ Promote healing and maintain


Retailers are welcomed.
Wholesale prices are also available.
Please send inquiries to the email
or physical address on the
contact us page.


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